Monday, July 20, 2009

Mud huts

Of late i observe that Im so poor in English spelling or gosh and please I aint apologise for several reasons and allow me not to mention those in this space.Mookane in the central district hosts one of the disappearing Tswana huts in place of modern contemporary spaces.A man who had never seen a contemporary home was so shocked to learn that in the same house he was invited to sleep in there was a kitchen and worse still a toilet...Telling other villagers of what he saw, they all spat and vomited....... thinking where could all that dirt been disposed to? Well decades later, the villagers now realise the convienince, inovation and creativity that come with development.
However may i mention this, the space is relatively small, but the thatch roofing provides the coolest atmosphere ever during summer, in winter its remarkaby warm, the combination of cow dung mixed with other types of soil make a perfect insulation, its eco friendly. The interior is simply beautiful as well, dikobotlo is a squared cubicled box providing sitting for kitchen ware.on the floor, its mud made usually with patterned motifs. In some compounds there are usually up to four to five huts, making a complete homestead.The lady at the door named Nteke has offred a rather interesting motif of a serpent, should have asked her why, maybe its a totem, but then she posts on the spot next to the snake, the king of Zulu and then a cellphone number, the king of ciberspace.People called anthropologists may offer insights....

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