Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Animal called Aids

These elaborate huts form  part of Botswana cultural landscapes, however these artforms have overtime disappeared although not all together.From these beautiful houses most Batswana were nearly wiped out with the advent of Aids.Today its World Aids Day with the theme Universal Access and Human Rights and  it is the day that I wish to mourn and pay tribute to the fallen from this mysterious disease, mysterious in the sense that up to now there has been no definite original source of this disease, thats is where it originally came from.There are opinions circulating that the black race is to blame for this, while others firmly believe its gay communities who are to blame.here in this part of the world, this animal came here in 1984, communities didnot even understand this thing and were startled beyond belief.So if it came here then, it certainly didnt come from here.Well well finger pointing aside, 100 000 Batswana are infected and are on ARVs, Because of this animal where it came from Botswana spends 1 billion BWP annually on this thing, from this money 10% comes from warm hearted international angicies notably Melinda and Gates, Havard Institute etc.Im at the moment following an HIV positive young man and filming some strings of interviews, among these there is former Health Minster.She has given heartbreaking, tearing interview.To be posted onve its finished.

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