Saturday, September 11, 2010

Be gracious in your speech

A gathering had quickly assembled to attend to and if possible redeem the falling marriage of a couple who had stayed together for almost 20 years.The dispute was quite stale and really hurting the wellbeing of the family. Counting the seemingly anticipating parents, it was Mosiami,s uncle and wife, his father, mother, another of his biological uncle rather quiet and well composed, his brother and wife, his sister, some 3 other old men who must have been 70 to 80 years.Maitlamo, the complainant was then quiet as ever.The silence was broken by the uncle, it was his demeanor which quickly made an attention and so he said in a rather somber, solemn voice.
I greet you all, ladies and gentlemen we called you on behalf of your children, Mosiami and Mailtlamo, they are grieved by their marriage and I would like us to help them if we can.We have not come here to point figures nor have we come to judge them.We have come to listen to them and help.We have come here to listen to their differencences and see if there can be a compromise.We shall ask any of them to tell us their problems.
No sooner, Mosiamisi father intervened and said: Im thinking the complainant should state her case since she is the one complaining.
Maitlamo, the complainant broke in a tearing long sob, it was as if her heart would break, she heaved and heaved. Some tissues were handed out but to no avail.The silence was defeaning.A voice came, it was soothing and calmimg:
I wish you could say what you feel and what you think about what is bothering your relationship and marriage, we know it is hard, relieve yourself ,say what has been happening, you have told your father in law, speak, speak my niece.
It was Mosiamisi uncle and culturally Maitlamos uncle, the latter had come to like this uncle because of his quitness and just how he respects other people no matter.His sister would send him on errands but he will never complain or raise his voice.
this story is real and live happening

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