Saturday, July 26, 2008

i havent seen Mma Dimpho for 3 weeks in a row now.I have had flu for 4 days and i feel weak.but in any case, i have to see her and tell her the developments of her blog.i have told her i am going to chronicle her in an internet but was a bit reluctant at first noting people should not know about her others may think she is doing well and if that happens bad things may occur.She tells me you dont tell people what you are doing in this business neither do you advertise yourself.But then she says if you put me there maybe other people may be interested.She says but im not going to tell you all for a cow never excretes all its feaces. blogging is hell, im new in this and have had the same blog disappearing again and again.i should tell MmaDimpho about this when I see her.I am not sure where I am going to begin for she may never understand.well good night.

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