Thursday, November 13, 2008

its been a while not feeding my blog.when i started this i was working as teacher and i had no clue i would work at the Museum although instinctively i knew i would work there, the only thing was that i didn't know when. In any case the day before yesterday we went to the station as radio to interview some herbalists as part of our weekly programme at Motswedi wa ditso, National Museum and guess what Mma Dimpho was selected as part of the interview.It was during this time that i told her that her blog is up and running and that atleast there was a comment from America.Mma Dimpho is happy that she may get some clients but she cautions to say that she is not better than other herbalists for pride is a vice.Yesterday she also appeared on Botswana television still about her trade.She says from the no of clients that they continually assist there is an indication that traditional medicine should legally become alternative medicine.

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