Saturday, October 10, 2009

State of Mind

My beautiful followers please pardon my long blogging holiday has been a mixture of happiness and sadness just as is the world.Very interestingly someone dear to my heart tells me you can choose to be happpy or sad oh how i wish i could? what makes me tick today however is that I met an incredible man today who from the beginning of HIV and Aids in the 1980s was diagnosed with HIV, however the inccredible part is that 25 years on he has not enrolled for ARVs,that is he is not taking any HIV drugs but remains fit, healthy and strong.Its his openness and his passion to help those affected with HIV and Aids that touched the very essence of my soul.I have been serioulsly thikning of how HIV and Aids have pearmeated Batswana society and I will be all out to document that.Mr Ngele has willingly given me full consent to see this catastrohy through him.

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