Friday, November 13, 2009

During lunch time, me and collegues usually come together and have some chat over a whole lot of issues, what usually emerges during this exciitng discussions and debates is that of inefficiency of developing countries.For one, for lack of innovations, creativity, expertise and second how we more often than not we look to the west for everything from food, energy, clothes, and other major development such as internet, computers, virtually everything.pardon for that mentality but thats a fact, infact an African mentality is that he is not to blame but his circumstances has been by and large caused by the west.Thinking colonial and post colonial, my collegue, has come up with a beautiful idea/suggestion, that African Presidents should converge as a matter of fact and forge an animals policy to cordinate and unify animal policies inorder to secure fair and stable prices just as OPEC has merged for its petroleum.

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