Sunday, December 6, 2009

Copenhagen dissolves Climate Change

High value, low volume tourism,  a strategy that  Botswana has adopted saves pristine destinations such as the Okavango, Central Kalahari Game reserve etecetra.As they note its the value of the expreience and not the cost that matters as long as the envirnment is well taken off.With the apparent climate change that herald the world doomday it would mean developed and developing counties for the first time come Copenhagen UN Cilmate Change Conference taking place December 7-18 agree to save the world, the earth as it were.While we benefit from all the innovations including this space where im posting this, could it have been better if the world was left as it were.check this moulding compound

This discord in the earth song between these two spheres should surely come to an end.Put stringest measures in place whenever there are innovations, states should thorougly scrutinise such to ensure that they conform to the natural environment.There are of course other entrenched differences that will not be concluded at this World summit but the critical ones should be met.

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