Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Impeach Zuma

Zuma saga, the 3rd President of South Africa is something that cannot go unnoticed for it has set a very wrong precedent for our children.There are certain things that are absolutetly wrong in any language. Whether there are determined and endorsed by culture/society, they remain wrong.How in the phase of such a deadly disease with its preaching messages, abstein, use a condom, be faithful......stick to one partner etc does a whole President act in the opposite direction?How does he stand to address the youth who are more often than not inflicted with this terrible disease, even to those who have not contracted Hiv and Aids?And please Im not suggesting that those who have unfortunatelty contracted this disease had by any chance got it because of having more than one partner, I will never say that unless in certain circumstances.I mean you have 3 wives or did they say 5 and there you are a whole President take time to impregnant another woman and produce an illigimate child not that the poor child is to blame but the President.And did I hear there is another wife who committed suicide? why did she commit suicide, this is very sad indeed.To justify his action by saying men have small houses instead of marrying many is smack with...........This man is clearly sending a wrong message and this time around he should be punished.

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