Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Todays composition is to those who intentionally hurt others :
Anger is poison
Unforgiving is malice
Frustration is bitter
Impatience is weary
Weary is worrying
let go
Building sorrow is fierce
Wearying off your soul
your inner peace
with vegeance
Welling up in you
like a whirlwind
let go

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r l n ! said...

Hello, Dithunya (by the way, is this your first name, or is it Seitsang?)

i like your poem very much. Is it your own composition? It's powerful!

Yes...the BEST thing is to let go ALL evil thinking because it leads to evil feelings which leads to evil doing.

Sometimes (actually, almost ALWAYS) it's hard to let go destructive thoughts. The only way to change the mind is to change the thought patterns that's been ingrained since childhood. And the BEST way to transform the thinking is to feed the mind with GODly thoughts -- Holy Scriptures.

But the Holy SCRIPTURES will not come alive without the Holy SPIRIT living on the inside of the person's heart and soul...and the Holy SPIRIT is not given without JESUS as CHRIST -- Savior and LORD.

It always goes back to the Son of GOD, eh?