Friday, October 15, 2010

Commercialise tradition Part 4

In a weeks time, my dear colleague came in my office, it was around 730 in the morning.She  turned around and braggingly  showed  me her healed bones and marrows, her aching body was no more, the limping lady was no more.i watsched in disbelief, with sighs of astonishment and happiness.I was astounded. I am from the thobega old woman as i told you, she is amazing, can you see me, Im healed, no more pains, I mean no more pains.In my head, i was thinking, could it have been the belief that she had in the woman or was it the efficacy of the black concotion that she applied or a combination?What I can say is that my collegue is back to work with enthusiam, the enthusiasm and energy that she used to have.The long tradition of healing broken bones is still alive and that my skeptism with traditional knoweldge is minimised.

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