Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halala Botswana Halala

How could we have missed Ms World Title, did the judges miss count, watching in elation, we all thought Ms Botswana should have clinched it. we Knew Ms Venuzuela had missed it after she had chewed her words, she bit her toungue i mean she was not articulate, not that she should  knowing where she comes from but I mean she showed immaturity and inconfidence, however we cannot deny her  her outstanding beauty, them most Venezulians are beautiful, we have observed they almost never miss being in the top 5.

Miss America who is said to have defied President Obama decision to dedicate ground zero to  a mosque did not exude confidence , neither was she strikingly beautiful.But you go girl, we wish you the best.By any rating Mss Botswana was fantastic in every moment, she was beautiful and graceful all the way.Her yellow floral dance was no doubt magnificent.her statement why  she wants to be Mss World was also powerful.So here we come world in full swing.To Miss kenya and Ghana, your beauty with a purpose was powerful, we salute the woman who coined this purpose.Treating children as slaves and being trafficked for hard labour, should stop Africa.Savage mentality shuold stop now, we have had enough of it.

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