Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Spirit in Art

If you are coming over to Botswana, Gaborone this time around, you might find nobody, everyone has either gone to the village, cattle post or small farm fields, very few Batswana afford holidays.The streets of Gaborone are literally deserted.But you may come over the museum and see an exhibition on the history of Postal Services in Botswana and an annual Aids exhibition.There is a masterpiece by an 82 year old man who has transformed the Aids ribbon into people, instead of seeing the red ribbon, u see people and in between there is a magnificent mountain.The old man is a self taught artist, and produces the best realistic art in Botswana.I wish to shoot it and post it.

With these few art forms adapted from artists of Botswana, i want to wish everyone who comes to this page,  blessings, gratitude, grace and a beautiful Christmas and New-Year.God bless.

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