Monday, January 17, 2011

When Nothing Holds


Anonymous said...

it may not come as a surprise that africa and africans are religiuos we think back to radical writers such as karl Marx who argued that religion was the opium of the poor, in these circumstances one needs to hold on to this faith to keep a sense of pespective that is one will reach haven upon death and all will be well blur blur blur... however the westerners who have as it were conquered the univerves and human condition and are able to some extent control and understand their habitat are not ruled by such supernatural beleif systems; rational thinking and science in such societies takes precedence.

Dithunya Seitsang lekoa said...

Thanks for the comment Anonymous, Im not disputing that poverty in Africa may make and cause people go to churches but lately its intellectuals, brainy academics who throng there in particular Pentecostal churches and so the Karl Max theory needs to be revisited through thorough research.Supposedly, these people should be using rational thinking and science and somehow they find these are not adequate