Monday, January 12, 2009

This metal art which proudly stands in the octagon gallery immaculately achieved by the two of hands of Maseko born in 1972, exhibited at the Botswana National Museum to promote positive behavioral change brings but funny memories.This is a an annual exhibition commemorating those who have passed on and those inflicted by HIV and Aids.The tell tales of HIV and Aids are countless and most not documented. In any case my duty tonight is to tell you how this art masterpiece atleast im my own rating reawakens part of my childhood life. When I grew up that is during my childhood there were so many unexplained things and funny enough one was never told reasons behind doing things nor were you told why you were doing certain things.As I grew old i got to know that these were called myths, superstitions, taboos, so on and so forth, meant to warn and protect you. This thing portrayed here was called tutumane or gogo at least in my village and man it came in the dark in different shapes, sizes and forms.In a compound usually made of dried branches we would all sit around a big fire and begin routine of story telling when all of a sudden a black, tall, long human skeletal called tutumane would peep through and cause the young and the old run for their dear life.This would happen in a flash, realizing its a big fake and not a witch everybody would reassemble and chuckle, i never did. This happened on very rare occasions to lull victims.I must confess, i did not like these fire stories for they only brought fear and intimidation.
After some decades this statue now stands to represent a black, tall, elegant, strong angel with a huge broom in her hands wiping Aids from Africa.Anybody knowing the origin of Aids please. good nite:

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