Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Spoken Art

I have been so busy both at home and work and i am afraid i cant keep up with regular blogging. well today i met with Diseko the metal artist and has shared his thoughts while drawing this piece, i found his pouderings rather poetic and inspiring and so i felt i must give him space to share his imaginations prior to this piece. i wish one day he gets himself a laptop and internet and shares his moments as an artist
I set out with an intent to create an artwork that will portray a positive feeling about HIV and Aids status in Africa, i imagined the space first and how I am going to control it, before anything started, I knew I needed a big piece to fit the space that was available, i knelt down and prayed. I was in deep meditation I figured out a form, I had kept a bundle of metal of metals for a piece that was to be.Immediateltly like normally, I started to make some lines with a pencil on paper, it started to build from there, the pencil lines were transfered to become the metal pieces with which i started to express and capture a thought to make it tangible. In the intense process of creating. I enclosed space with a surface of flat metal bars and round bars leaving holes that enabled the viewer to see through and even the inside of the sculpture, the holes enhanced the surface texture and represented a covering over the nakedness of the tall Angelic figure. i balanced my metal sculpture with solid form to create contrast between body features and body covering.Standing elegantly, angelic and tall with a broom in hand.I had created a welded metal sculpture, sweeping across the continent of Africa with a Flaming broom.Conversant in every language spoken under the sun, An African idea of a HIV/Aids free Africa. I leave these posturings to folks in the know, for i am just a messenger.


Anonymous said...

The flaming broom to sweep across the continent of Africa healing our nation there we will survive the future better, but i feel the sculpture is gender bias, we are leaving men behind to help fight an Africa free generation of HIV and AIDS.

http://wwwkwata.blogspot.com said...

hi anonymous, talking about men being left behind, i watched a theatrical performance by a youth group who accused men of using women and children to test their hiv status.there are indications that men realise this anomaly.