Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Spirit of Sound, MIchael Jackson

Today im obliged to comeback to my blog and pay tribute to a man who shaped and influenced the world over including here in Botswana.To pay tribute to Michael, I have been so lucky to have gathered this special traesure black and white gold postcard of Nelson Rolidladla Mandela and Winnie Madigezela Mandela during their weeding day 14 June 1958 from one lady and so here i post it for Jacko, I was young then and those who had the priveldge to watch television were ever clued to Michaels immaculate unusual dancing moves and it was during this Jackos era that you were either classified as rural or urban.Just as Dignash live, the boss, a popular radio personality for Duma Fm here noted this past friday that its either you were a permanent secretarys child or a tycoon to have the type of clothing that Michael ardoned in. Attending and boarding at St Josephs colledge, a Catholic school, afforded me such an oppotunity to watch this man through a tv set.There was a little theater where we convened and watched a screen pinned against the wall and hear voices and see images of Michael, Whitney, The tempatations, Lionel Richie etc. Another iconic feature that separated the haves and the havenot was the introduction of fancy sometimes glittery leather jackets , this was mostly worn by young men in a manner that was classic and hippy, these guys wear white shirts white socks and they were clean and smart .We only had one radio station then and waow how the guys at the helm of the radio studio would dedicate the whole radio program to Jacko and other african american musicians and it was super to hear.Michael and these legendary musicians created a movement for the first time that awakened confidence and rennasience among Africans as a whole. it was an era in which the black and white divide united.I remember watching in awe Michaels electric performance making Japanese women cry, i mean literally. my cousins used to twist and turn to Michaels moonwalk but to know avail.
Its funny how certain personalities influence and pervade humanity, i have never seen this man one on one for one and yet he has had a profound presence around me, all that i know about this man is hearsay bad and good. What caregorically stands out is his legendary music, you should see me when any of Michael songs play........amazing, my son is following suite may his soul rest in peace, a moya wa gagwe o robale ka kagiso

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