Thursday, July 2, 2009

Today im introducing myself for the firt time through a distant rather slightly blured image taken by dear son. i havent liked camera nor my shadow in a long time.

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r l n ! said...

Thank you so much for putting a face on your blog! Me, too... i blogged for a while and was very reticent about putting up my own face, i just wanted GOD to be about the whole blog. But i did put 3 pictures of me somewhere in the 3 blogs, way at the bottom, or where it wasn't distracting from the focus on GOD.

i've just added your blog link to my "other links of interest" for your blog is TRULY INTERESTING! i'm almost jumping up and down from looking at your pictures!!! They're like National Geographic photos... and yours are for real, for you live it! i'd hug you if i were there with your now!!! so i'll just give you my high 10! \o/
(:D are you my sister in CHRIST?)