Sunday, January 24, 2010

Not all is doom in Africa

Come 2010 fifa world cup, Botswana is in the mainland of Southern Africa, a stone throw away from SA and please its not the province of South Africa and we offer the best serene atmosphere with a stream of all sorts of animals.Only 1.8 million people in a vast area the size of France.You can drive 800km without seeing a village, a settlement or people, if you are exhausted from a busy stressful worklife, you wont regret coming to this country,its serene, tranguil, peaceful, achieving nirvana is possible down here.


r l n ! said...

You must have some amazing sunset/sunrise views -- no man made building getting in the way of GOD's artistry.

How's Botswana's soccer? Will you be contenders, you think, for the world cup? said...

I am sorry Rin, im not a regular blogger.No Botswana will be spactators but come the next world u, we shall contend.
No doubt, what makes the sunrise here spectacular is the flatness of the landscape all round Botswana, its so flat it will give you a peace of mind instantly.

r l n ! said...

Your sunrises and sunsets must be those at Taveuni (Fiji)...(sigh)

Here, i have to drive out to the beach to see unobstructed view of GOD's marvelous handiwork. From the upper-story window of Mom's house, i get glimpses of beautiful colors, but the many rooftops ruin the spectacular panorama. And if i run downstairs, and go to that part of the yard and then to the next, i still get angular rooftops and street lamps poking their man-made silhouettes...uggghhh!

Yes! i would so like visit your country! But like most of the world, i am financially not able to at the moment. But i'm starting my "OFF the WALL rln Art" business very soon...and i've asked GOD to bless it so that i may earn money to go back to Fiji.

Please, PLEASE, keep in touch :) Here's my email address if you'd like a one-on-one connection -- merlinsazon at yahoo dot com.