Saturday, January 23, 2010

Haiti Forsaken

Prone to natural disasters, prone to political instability, prone to corruption make Haiti the poorest country in the northern hemisphere, now ranked 147th of 182 countries on Human development index.This is one of the sorriest sight, atleast through TV images.Personally I can only say God bless, but agin here is the argument what about the hundreds of thousands of lives lost in this devastation, loved ones who wewre here one minute suddenly snatched away with no warning, no sign, whose act is it?
Senegal President recent suggestion should be considered, give Haitians permanent refuge right here in Africa.In anycase this is where they belong, granted that, they shall reclaim their sense of belonging and their cultural identity lost generations ago.Africa is still imerfect in many ways but in 20 years to come, some Africa will be empires.

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