Saturday, January 9, 2010


The issue of poverty in Africa is brought by my dear follower and im not ignoring it and please take no offence.this is precipitated by displayed pics which are rated as outstanding suggesting all glory.What is poverty, is the question?Well growing up in a village, I found everybody equal, we almost ate the same food, wore similar clothes, walked barefooted for most part and everything was fine and equal.One day relatives of ours came for my fathers brother funeral, it was then that I realised there was a difference of living style, they came with new brand cars, nice clothes and money to help cover the costs of the funeral and they spoke English.My aunts mother who came to grace the funeral was married to a minister and so we were told.After the funeral they offered to help my mother and so adopted my aunt who was by then treated as part of our family.While in the village we thought we were ok interms of what we had then but they described us as poor.Recently i took a trip up north of Botswana most communities there live in pure reeds houses, with very few material, some sleep literally on the sand floor with blankets of course, but their health is very good, the children are fit and healthy.And most of the time the people are happy and see no poverty.Likewise if you travell in the fringes of western Botswana, most San communities see no value in materialism.So poverty is still pretty much realtive in some parts of Africa.The defination of what is poverty is made by what is available.
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r l n ! said...

Thank you for stating such a wonderful truth, Dithunya! My husband's family in Fiji is also considered poor by worldly standards, but they always have enough to eat (food right out in their backyards and farms, even just across the street to the reef for fresh fish) and their simple lifestyle is much less stressed and harried than the lives of those in the Western world.

When i'm here in San Diego, California -- yes, it seems that my Fijian family is poor compared to the material blessings we Americans take for granted. But my Fijian family is by FAR RICHER because they have closer family ties, as well as better relationships with their neighbors. Here we hardly know the neighbors...and they're just next door!

i've experienced how the "other" half lives (i once worked with a millionaire) -- and they have much more emotional/mental problems and hang-ups than us regular folks!

r l n ! said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, Dithunya. i've posted an answer to your comment.

My heart is full right now, even as i'm typing this note to you. If i were there with you, i would give you such a big bear hug right now (ATVM!), at this very moment!

When we go through hard times, and there seems to be no friend around to help, not even one who would just's easy to feel hopeless and overwhelmed.

i went through this kind of trial in 2008-2009. i had NO one but GOD -- and He strengthened my faith in Him because He brought me out of this painful valley that just seemed to go on and on! i still have to go back and face this valley, but for now, He is equipping me with more faith, more knowledge of Him and His power and love...

When you have GOD on your side, Dithunya, problems become more manageable because you'll have GOD's power on your side. That's where i am today...weak by myself, but empowered through my faith in CHRIST.