Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Shadows have changed direction

Happy 2010, this year sounds great to the ear, and pronouncing it tongues perfect, bravo.I travelled to the village and finally to the cattlepost and so smell cowdung.Oh my god the heat wave was beyond hot and just the intensity of the heat was unimaginable.Asking elders in the village revealed something i have not observed probably because Gaborone, Botswana little town gives illusions of lights from electricty all the time and so obscures the moonlight and starlights.But this is what I have observed after being told by the elders that the direction of the rising sun has changed direction by a huge % moving more towards the north than its normal position from the east, likewise the setting sun is no longer pointing westwards but its rapidly setting towards the sun.The moon has also changed direction going toward the north which is unusual.The shadows have similarly changed direction according to the sun positioning.According to my mother in law who is well versed in traditional knowledge, she observed these by using her location and positions of her huts.Infact she says the moon and the sun appear a little larger than usual.The observation was intriguing for it concides with the more recent scientific discovery of other planets which are more hotter denouncing hell on earth.

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r l n ! said...

Hi, from San Diego :D

i've put myself as a follower of your blog, and added your link to my blog (http://rl-n.blogspot.com), but so far, i can't get your blog to come up in the blogger's "blogs that i follow" -- but at least in the blog link, it's fully operational. i hope this little glitch may be corrected soon as i do like your blog very much.

Happy and peaceful 2010!