Saturday, October 2, 2010

Capitalism sucks

Please pardon me, the story of Maitlamo and Mosiami will be duly followed, its a sad story of beings who are less souled, less wisdomed, and who cannot come to terms with their own or should i say mess.God willing, we can only wish Maitlamo and her husband blessings and prosperity.
On another note and it is this note that is pretty disturbing for lack of a better word. Mind you Botswana has just turned 44 years of its indepedence.Britain with its good intentions protected us from the most fierce white South African regime, the Boers, the white men of Africa.
In any case Im appaled by the figures that I see here on Botswana white paper, the trend in the world is that the rich should get richer and the poor should get poorer, this government and state designed.A design purposely made to create such a gap, how sorry?Salary for increases for public servants, infact the govt will have to part with 2 billion BWP for payouts. This is an awful disparity, horrendoues design by states, check this, the highest paid gets 500 000 per year while the same being gets P2, 256 per year, thats P200 equivalent of 25 USD.Its 10% increase for every folk, insane? And Botswna is preaching poverty allievation interventions, forget it, forget it. I am deeply saddened by this earthly disease. By the way im an average earner by
Botswana standard and most of the time im content with it.

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