Monday, October 4, 2010

The rural folks

The life in the rural countryside need some revamp or people will all come to towns.Botswana rated a middle income state should not be complacent, there is so much that needs to be done, but as I commented earlir i dont see poverty eliminated any soon, as long as governments do not tak into cognisance of the startling disparity of people, and as long it harbours capitalism in its extreme, then we must as  well gorget it.Some economist in Israel made a very interesting observation and offers a new financial world order although im not sure if his advice is practical enough, unfortunately his post/comment couildnt be posted, it seemed infected or my laptop must be.He offers an innovative Credit Free Economy, Free market economic idiology @ for the insight Shalom.I suggest communal economy, where communities own share and decide on their economy.Im very much aware that this strategy which has been proposed in the 80s in this country havent worked much.It came in the form of forming community Trusts where  they are given leverage to take care of natural resources and at the same time get economic benefits.Because of a capitalist mentality and urge, people turn selfish and in the end communities then get a vicious cycle of poverty.We must acknowldge as rightly mentioned by Shalom that Economy is in shambles.

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