Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Commercialise tradition

I have never gone to a traditional doctor neither have i consulted the so called prophets, im not even going to claim receiving any godly or spiritual revelations from any source.By now i have entirely lived ow my own and ofcourse by Gods grace and blessings.I have never been endorsed living in confusion. This thinking could have been influenced by and large by christianity.Or maybe the confusion comes from differreaing belief from reality, oh my,  do I make sense? However, I know the existence of traditional knowledge systems.

Today i want to say that I have seen a lady who is my collegue who has nearly been healed by traditional means.Sometime in April, we embarked on a countrywide trip to assess the value of heritage sites during which one of the vehicles that another team of researchrs were travelling in overturned and left this lady almost dead. At the hospital, she was found to have sustained serious injuries including a broken arm, fractucred legs, waist etc.Well she spent months at the hospital and was later discharged however with unfuctional arm and thumps, twisted waist and unbearable pain.Upon discharge, the recommendations included  daily intensive physio therapy and ofcourse multiple tablets to realese  consistent pain. the story continues...........

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