Saturday, October 9, 2010

Commercialise Tradition Part 2

Beaten to  a pulp, with unagile leg, dysfuctional arm amd thumps, limping and depressed, my dear collegue was to receive intensive physio therapy.This had been going on from April 2010 until September when she filled up leave to receive a tradional healing process called Thobega.I had heard of Thobega but I had never seen its evidence.Likewise my collegue had thorougly consulted and asked about this and elderly men and women in her village had confirmed the magic of the process.This lady is a seasoned ethnographer having worked with communities for over 13 years.While she had seen and so she says the results of Thobega, she seemed to have some doubts about it .When she grew up, narrating, his fathers cow had a broken leg, broken to the bones, and had physically seen how a cross was drawn both on the ground, the surface of the earth and was likewise drawn on top of the broken cow leg.The traditional expert was to then soil, smear  black concontion of medicine on the cross.A week later the cow was saved, it was competely healed, the bones were sealed to their original make up.This became one of the  amazing experience she had had and yet she still doudted its efficacy. Do you remember my psyche orientation right? part 3 will follow in due course.....

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